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Caitlyn Jenner Takes ESPYs By Storm: ‘Trans People Deserve Something Vital. They Deserve Your Respect’CKAWHZ1UkAA88AW
In her first public appearance since announcing her decision to transition, Caitlyn Jenner mesmerized the crowd at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on Wednesday as she accepted the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the 2015 ESPY Awards. Continue reading...


“What the Supreme Court’s Ruling Will Mean”
The Supreme Court could decide the fate of millions of same-sex couples nationwide. In a ruling covering four cases, the court will determine whether states can prohibit same-sex marriage, as 13 states currently do. To read more click here…


“Mexico Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriages!”

As the United States eagerly waits for the Supreme Court to give a final ruling on whether or not marriage equality will be recognized nationwide, the Mexican Supreme court effectively made same-sex marriage legal in their country. The ruling is technically considered a “jurisprudential thesis” and does not invalidate any state laws that are currently on the books. So what does that mean, and how can same-sex couples get married if the state they reside in has laws prohibiting marriage between two people of the same sex? To read more click here…

 “Introducing Caitlyn Jenner”

Vanity Fair’s 22-page cover story features stunning Annie Leibovitz photos of Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce, along with revealing new details. To read more click here…

The Gatlyn Dame Group offers a comprehensive community based service organization to and for transgender, non-conforming gender persons, and their allies throughout the United States of America.  For questions or for more information visit the Gatlyn Dame Group website where you will find resources and support group information.

“Local community reacts to Jenner transformation”Caitlyn-Jenner-vanity-fair-21

The sensational gender transition of an Olympic hero is proving to be a boon to those in the Miami Valley focused on the issue of transgender.

Caitlyn Jenner, featured on the July cover of “Vanity Fair” magazine, was interviewed by Pulitzer Prize-winning contributing editor Buzz Bissinger — first as Bruce Jenner, later as Caitlyn. Photographs for the magazine were taken by renowned portrait photographer, Annie Leibovitz. To continue reading this story, please CLICK HERE to visit Dayton Daily News.

“8 Reasons To Celebrate Dayton Pride This Weekend!”Number-8-multicolored
On the fence about going to Dayton Pride downtown this weekend? Here are a few reasons you should jump down and join in the celebration of the Dayton LGBTQ community. To continue reading this story, please CLICK HERE to visit

“Dayton Pride Celebrations To Kick Off This Weekend”

Starting Friday, June 5th, the Dayton LGBT Center and other groups will host a series of events during the city’s annual gay pride celebration. The events will continue through Sunday. In this interview with WYSO’s Jerry Kenney, LGBT Center board member RJ McKay gives details on each event and talks about how the event continues to grow in Dayton each year. Click here to read WYSO’s  full article and to listen to the interview!