Please donate to your LGBTQA center

Today I am reaching out to all of you asking for your help, I believe you, like the Greater Dayton LGBT Center, have a desire and passion to see our LGBT community advance and grow. For over 40 years the Greater Dayton LGBT Center has been a catalyst for progress and advancement.

The Greater Dayton LGBT Center is very pleased to announce we now
have a brick and mortar home for the Greater Dayton LGBTQA Center
at 24 N. Jefferson Street, Suite 200, Dayton 45402. A home that will
embrace all, so you may know you have come home to a safe and secure

After this past election so many people fear the uncertainty, so perhaps
there has never been a more important time for such a center. While we
have procured the New Center Space we need your help to bring the
whole vision to a reality. First and foremost, we need an angel to provide
new heating and Air for the new space. Our second priority will be the
access control system and ADA approved doors. We want the building to
remain a safe space so a door control system will be necessary to insure
this. Once the control system is installed, members will be able to swipe
their membership cards which will unlock the doors. Non-members will
be able to be buzzed into the space by our receptionist so all may use this
wonderful LGBT educational space which will feature an LGBT library
where our LGBT history is housed and taught. As we well know, LGBT
history is not taught in schools, so this give us this opportunity. Many
of our needs are now listed on our website under the “Donations for
Building” tab. Please consider a donation today. Your donation will make
a direct impact to our local LGBTQA community.

We are a wonderful caring LGBT community. We have survived deep
challenges in our past. We can and will do so again, but we cannot be
afraid to speak and act to ensure the future we want for ourselves, our
children and grandchildren.

Please consider your tax deductible donation today! Help us as we build
our LGBTQA community center into a safe, secure, and educational home
for today and tomorrow. Together We Can!
Randy Phillips,
President The Greater Dayton LGBT Center  (Click HERE for Donation Form)